You bear false witness against the government

by pastorman

When I first discovered your site I was well impressed with how you were handling difficult issues.

I am sorry to see that your last few postings have had a decidedly political slant.

To state that "If you do not let them take naked pictures of you or let them sexually molest you, then you cannot travel."

They do not sexually molest people. Stating that they do
is pure rhetoric and is a violation of the 9th Commandment that you shall not bear false witness.

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Dec 05, 2010
Reply to pastorman re bearing false witness against government
by: Admin

Thanks for posting pastorman.

First, political 'slant' is appropriate for this section on political boundaries. The Constitution does not forbid religion from interfering in politics. Religion only consents to refrain from political speech when it knowingly seeks government censorship via a 501c3 application.

Second. It is not false witness to say that gov takes naked pix of travellers; the negative images can be turned into positive images in photoshop, and the gov admits that they have saved thousands of the images when they said they wouldn't.

Third. The pat down actions used are sexual battery in every US jurisdiction. Gov employees are not above the law simply by declaring their actions are not sexual. The one receiving the touch gets to interpret the touch. Or the touch is interpreted by statute. I know a minister who used to check adolescent boys for testicular cancer. Court finding: sexual battery. TSA agent fondling a 3-year-old's penis: sexual battery, by statute in every jurisdiction.

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